We offer Solar Energy Solutions

Residential | Commercial| Industrial and Utility Solar Panels

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We offer Hydro Energy Solutions

We are committed to facilitating the development of Hydropower Projects across the African continent

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We offer Gas Energy Solutions

We help convert gas resources into electricity, thereby address power shortages across Africa.

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We offer Biomass Energy Solutions

We harness the potential of Biomass energy by facilitating the planning, development, and operational processes of biogas plants

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Our Company

SAO Energy is a renewable energy company positioned to be the foremost in Africa, with plans to have the largest energy mix by Q4 2023.

We are on a journey to end the energy poverty in Africa for the 633 million people in the sub-saharan region. We collaborate with utilities, governments, investors, manufacturers, oil and gas companies, commercial businesses and major corporations to help them thrive in the rapidly changing energy environment.

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