Our services across the value chain also include:

  • Small PV home systems
  • On-and off-grid PV and PV/Diesel hybrid systems
  • Large IPP development
  • Energy Audit & Management
  • EPC Contracting
  • Financing, Consulting and Advisory


Revolutionizing Energy with Customized Biomass Solutions
Our Biomass Energy Solutions provides an alternative form of sustainable energy for our clients to meet their needs. And, because no two communities or client expectations are alike, our technology can be tailored as an adaptable and wholly customized response to each unique need of our client.

We are experts at reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing biomass energy to power biogas plants.


Explore our diverse areas of focus, where we apply our expertise and innovation to drive sustainable growth and development.

Customized Biomass Energy Solutions

SAO Energy offers Biomass Energy Solutions that are customized and adaptable to meet the unique needs of our clients and communities. By utilizing biomass energy, we can provide a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to meet energy demands while reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable Energy from Organic Waste

Our Biomass Energy Solutions leverage organic waste as a valuable resource for energy production, powering biogas plants that generate renewable energy. This approach helps reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions while providing reliable energy for industries and communities.

Expertise in Sustainable Energy Solutions

SAO Energy is a trusted and experienced partner in delivering sustainable energy solutions. Our expertise in the field of biomass energy allows us to design and implement tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client while delivering cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally responsible energy solutions.