Our services across the value chain also include:

  • Small PV home systems
  • On-and off-grid PV and PV/Diesel hybrid systems
  • Large IPP development
  • Energy Audit & Management
  • EPC Contracting
  • Financing, Consulting and Advisory


Sustainable, Reliable and Clean Power at your fingertips
As a company focused on the development of sustainable energy solutions, SAO Energy is investing in Nigeria’s solar energy industry to maximize the growing demands in the off-grid and on-grid connection sectors. Our promise is bankable, innovative, and reliable energy solutions for all our customers.

Bridging Africa’s energy gap with customized solar solutions for all

We are filling a gap within Africa to install systems for a wide range of clients from large institutions to homeowners through our solar home systems and/or mini-grids based on the size required.

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Our solar home solution systems function through an artificial intelligence-enabled mesh grid which shares power through an interconnected network of homes. The plug-and-play solar home system includes a solar panel, battery and a smart device. A cloud-based system monitors usage and required maintenance while allowing for remote control and mini-grid systems.
Our mini-grid is powered by solar panels laid in arrays to give cheap and clean power. Compared to individual customer systems, mini-grids may provide an enhanced service level.


Explore our diverse areas of focus, where we apply our expertise and innovation to drive sustainable growth and development.

Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)

We provide top-end quality services, from the initial conceptualization & design stage to the installation & commissioning stage.

Operations and maintenance

We do inspections, corrective repairs, testing, replacement, cleaning and preventative maintenance of facilities entrusted to us.

Solar grid connectivity

We have a dedicated team which specializes in offering complete turnkey solutions from installation to commissioning.

Consulting services

At SAO Energy, we are fully engaged in research and development activities, energy audits and project development to ensure our clients and partners enjoy clean energy at minimal costs.

Training services

We provide training for a range of courses including system design and installation, maintenance services, solar training and micro-hydro training.


Power your future with our innovative solar products.

Solar panel

Model: YF-PL-350W

Capacity: 350W

Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp): 36.5V

Maximum Power Current (Imp): 9.58A

Opem Circuit Voltage (Voc): 44.5V

Short Circuit Current (ISC): 10.2A

Maximum System Voltage: 1000V

Maximum Series Fuse: 15A 

Application Class: A

Fire Resistance Rating: Class II


Dimensions: 1956X992X35mm

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GroWatt Inverter

PV Off-grid Inverter

Maximum PV input voltage (VOC): 145VDC

MPPT voltage range: 60 ~ 115VDC

Max. Charge Current: 80A

AC Charger Mode: AC Input – 230VAC,50Hz/60Hz, 40A, 1Ø 

Max. AC Charge Current: 60A

Battery Input: 48VDC, 117A

Type of battery: Lead-acid/lithium

Rated Power: 5000VA/5000W

AC Output: 230VAC,50Hz / 60Hz,22A, 1Ø

Altitude: <2000m

Operating temperature range: 0°C – +55°C

Display: LCD+LED

Protection Class: I

Degree of protection: IP20

Communication: WIFI/GPRS(option)

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Rate Power: 5KWH

Normal Range: 51.2V

Voltage Range: 48-57.6V

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