Design and installation of a 10KW solar system in General Hospital, Ore


Ondo State


April 2022

Products used for this project


SAO-Energy in partnership with World Bank lends support to Ondo State General Hospitals by electrifying three general hospitals through the installation of hybrid 30kw solar systems with storage. 

One of these hospitals is Ore General Hospital located in the Ore Southern senatorial district of Ondo State which was powered in 2022.

This has reduced the downtime for medical equipment such as ventilators, incubators, suction units and dialysis machines, which in turn will have an impact on the well-being of Ondo citizens, and more importantly, help to save lives.

Ore General Hospital now enjoys a 24-hour power supply, a reality which the community applauded seeing as they had been affected negatively by the lack of electricity in the past.

Products used for this project: 10Kva solar inverters, 32 panels, charge controllers, 16 batteries, plus 30 solar poles