SAO is energizing 2,000 primary health care centres in Ondo State


Ondo State


January 2020

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Through 2020 and January 2021, SAO Energy carried out a survey in partnership with the Ondo State government to aid the plan of empowering all the Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in Ondo State with solar electricity. This is about two thousand PHCs in total.

This objective excited the community who had been without electricity for years, and especially the prospect of having primary health care centres which bore the burden of saving lives. Still an upcoming project, the successful execution of this would mean goodbye to years of avoidable deaths due to the lack of equipment that requires electricity.

It is a promise of a new lease of life to the community of 5.1 million residents with about 2,000 primary health care centres. It would mean a dependable healthcare system with the confidence of a regular clean power supply.