Installation of Solar powered street lights for residents of Ijapo Estate


Ondo State


April 2021

Products used for this project


Walking along the lanes of Ijapo Estate in Akure, Ondo State at night leaves you in a sort of awe. The lights that emanate from the beautifully-installed street lights reveal the aesthetic beauty of the estate. 

As a resident of this estate, taking night walks or jogging for fitness in the wee hours of the morning now seem inviting. You can even exchange pleasantries with neighbours as you walk because their faces are visible, and you can spot danger or suspicious activities because the street light reveals them all. 

SAO Energy made this possible through a partnership with Ondo State Internal Revenue on solar street light installation in 2020. 

This project which was aimed at lighting up the street for security purposes has done even more, by also amplifying the beauty of the estate at night leaving the residents filled with excitement and gratitude.