Bridging the Power Gap in Nigeria: SAO Energy Powers Energy-Deficient Communities In Rural and Urban Nigeria

March 4, 2024

The epileptic nature of electricity in Nigeria is a longstanding challenge that has remained persistent despite the Government’s interventions in both rural and urban communities. It’s not unusual to hear stories of both urban and rural communities that go on for weeks and even months without any electricity. 

Creating a more stable system of electricity supply in the country is a major goal for SAO Energy. Founded in 2017, We have achieved significant milestones that put us ahead of competitors and at the forefront of innovative solutions in the energy industry.

Read on to discover all the innovative ways SAO Energy is bridging the power gap in Nigeria by providing sustainable and environment-friendly power:

SAO Energy is a portfolio company of SAO Group committed to transforming Africa’s energy landscape through renewable solutions and strategic collaborations. These renewable solutions consistently address the ever-evolving energy challenges in Africa. By providing these alternatives, hospitals, manufacturers, businesses and even schools in all regions across Africa can stay powered up. 

For communities such as Okiti Ofa and Omolege in Ondo state, stable electricity is a reality, courtesy of our partnership with Okra Solar and Aurora. These communities are beneficiaries of a 24-hour electricity supply system after living without any electricity for decades.

The SAO Energy team, driving the Eco-energize initiative, empowered 17 Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs) and 200 households, positively impacting the lives of 170,000 rural residents.

We additionally implemented a solar energy solution to power The Dialysis Center at the University College Hospital in Ibadan. Financed by the Akeredolu Foundation, this initiative aims to elevate healthcare services by providing sustainable energy, thereby conferring benefits upon more than 2,500 patients and healthcare professionals annually.

Faithful to our promise of providing sustainable energy, we have taken electricity to even the most remote part of Nigeria — more than 15 healthcare centres have become recipients of a comprehensive 5KVA inverter system, accompanied by a robust Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at each location, alongside the implementation of smart billing centres.

SAO designed, fabricated and installed 3.9MWh energy solutions for 39 digital learning centres across 16 LGAs in Kwara State, Nigeria.

SAO designed, fabricated and installed 3.9MWh energy solutions for 39 digital learning centres across 16 LGAs in Kwara State, Nigeria.Not stopping there, 40 schools in the North Central part of Nigeria also bear witness to the activities of sustainable power initiatives promised by us. For these 40 schools spread across 16 local government areas, the days of reading under street lights or by candlelight are now a thing of the past. Digital literacy centers, powered by solar and battery storage, offer students in these regions an alternative learning experience that isn’t dependent on an unstable power supply. 

The Ore General Hospital Solar Installation. The implications of this project are profound, positively impacting the lives of over 40,000 patients in the past year.

We have taken on the mandate to continue to prove our devotion to building alternative energy innovations that guarantee an improved quality of life for the masses. With collaborations and partnerships with foundations such as Rotimi Akeredolu Foundation, investors, state governments, major corporations and utility companies, we continue to make major strides by providing renewable energy innovations that ensure a brighter and greener world. 

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